Kitten Kingdoms

No cat rules alone.

Kitten Kingdoms is a multiplayer realtime strategy game, where turns happen each hour. Survive your dynasty of kittens and manipulate your way to power.

From Kitten to King

Fight, marry, sabotage, love, steal, murder, and manipulate your way to power.

Satisfy your desires

Every kitten has their own desires. Every player is trying to acheive something different.


Kitten Apprentice


  • Play up to 2 games simultaneously
  • Free forever‡
  • Join our Discord server

Kitten Wizard

£29.99 / play forever‡

  • Customize your kittens and counties
  • Play up to 12 games simultaneously
  • Create your own public and private games†
  • Play without advertisements
  • Join our Discord server with the Wizard role
  • Support the developer :)

† You can create up to 10 private and public games simultaneously.

‡ Eternal Promise: if for whatever reason the servers shut down for good, I promise to release and open source all of the kitten kingdoms source code.