Kitten Kingdoms is a multilayer realtime strategy game, where turns happen each hour. Survive your dynasty of kittens and manipulate your way to power. Play with up to 24 players with games that can vary from 1 week to month long marathons. The goal of the game is to expand your kitten empire and satisfy your kitten's desires. Such desires might be noble like marrying a soulmate, having a family and creating harmony. Some may desire to be wealthy, or to possess certain items. Other desires are more nefarious like warfare, sabotage and murder. When a cat dies its heir inherits the land, money, items and blueprints from its successor. Beware, if your cat dies with no heir you lose the game!


Luke Perkin, the developer, was a fan of diplomacy and bluffing style games. Games like Neptunes Pride and Subterfuge captured his imagination. He knew one day that he would love to make a game of this genre, with his own spin. Thus started the development of Kitten Kingdoms. The initial prototype was called 'Feudal Robot Overlords', where the mechanics were similar but with robots instead of kittens. Luke's friend, Mark Frimston, who was playtesting the game at the time was an avid fan of cats and Luke sensed the theme of medieval robot feudalism wasn't quite clicking with people, so he changed the theme to Kittens, hence: Kitten Kingdoms. The entire project from conception to release only took Luke two months, with artwork being provided by the opensource project: Robohash.


  • Fight, marry, sabotage, love, steal, murder, and manipulate your way to power.
  • Every kitten has their own desires. Every player is trying to acheive something different.
  • A feudal society of kittens. Swear fealty to other kittens who in turn have sworn fealty to other kittens and so on...
  • 35 (and counting) blueprints and books you can research and write. My favourite item is called "So you want to increase taxes?".
  • An advanced messaging system. Attach 'bolt-ons' to your messages in-game, that the receiver can accept or deny, such as 'Marry me' and 'Release Prisoner'.
  • Free to play and we also offer a paid subscription that allows you to rename your kittens and counties and join more games simultaneously.
  • Discord connect. Link your account with our Discord server to receive in-game notifications.


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